Big Data Analytics and Automation

Push the boundary of progress and enter a new of era of innovation for oil and gas industry with big data analytics, cost effective sensing and automation. Imagine a near future where every aspect of your operation and machines are connected with one another and operate as one singular intelligent machine that is on a continuous mission of performance improvement.

Advance analytics harnessing the power of predictive algorithms, automation and deep domain expertise in oil and gas will lead to substantial OPEX and CAPEX cost savings.


We provide bespoke services to deduce trends and deep insights into your operation leading to improved workflow, reduce repair and breakdown or even perhaps new design to your future facilities. For example, a highly optimized ship design comprising of semi automated mothership and fast response boats and aerial drones.


We also provide a total end-to-end offshore drone services that caters for security and environmental surveillance.

-    Semi-automated FPSO and floaters

-    Unmanned offshore facilities

-    Project Management and reporting system

-    Fast rescue and intervention

-    Big Data for operational excellence

-    Virtual offices

HBA Offshore