Financial Advisory Services

HBA Offshore Pte. Ltd. is a substantial shareholder and managing partner in Transport Capital Oil and Gas (TCOG) and partner in Transport Capital Holding. Through TCOG, HBA is able to provide bespoke financial advisory services bridging the gap between financial institutions and offshore energy production asset owners through unique and tailor made solutions.

Offshore and Marine

HBA Offshore Pte. Ltd. through its affiliation/ownership of Hellespont Offshore AG (HOFF) provides bespoke ship management services with focus on offshore and marine sectors. HOFF is an offshore  ship management company focusing primarily on OSVs, Offshore Accommodation, Jack-up Rigs, Extended Well Testing, Subsea, and Installation sector (excluding floating production assets). HOFF is head quartered in Singapore and has operations in Greece, Hamburg, Lagos, Pointe Noire and Luanda.

Floating Production Services

HBA offshore through its highly experienced personnel, in-depth knowledge of the offshore and floating production industry, and an extensive and complimentary value chain is able to provide bespoke services and tailor made solutions across the life of field with focus on specialist infra structure assets, FSO, FPSO, FSRU and FLNG as the field nerve centers and production hubs for tie backs and clusters.

Big Data Analytics and Automation

Push the boundary of progress and enter a new of era of innovation for oil and gas industry with big data analytics, cost effective sensing and automation. Imagine a near future where every aspect of your operation and machines are connected with one another and operate as one singular intelligent machine that is on a continuous mission of performance improvement. Advance analytics harnessing the power of predictive algorithms, automation and deep domain expertise in oil and gas will lead to substantial OPEX and CAPEX cost savings.

Strength in Alliances and Association

HBA offshore holdings has established a strong network of associates and partners across the globe in key and strategic markets. These HBA associations and partnership allows its members to work under one virtual office environment using one global secure network and one culture. The selection of these associates is strict and is subject to extensive diligence and review. This global association is held together by shared values and a common vision and mission wrapped around bespoke commercial arrangements. Each associate is responsible for promoting the services of HBA Offshore Pte. Ltd. and for in-territory sales and marketing, client representation and compliance to local content regulation and cabotage requirements, where applicable.

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